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Official Dead by Daylight Bundle

Trapper - Trickster - Huntress - Hex Totem
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The Trapper
Scents: Musk, Incense, Smoke

Hex Totem
Scents: Smoke, Leather, Amber

Scents: Sugar, Fruit Juice, Melon

Scents: Orange, Lavender, Oakmoss


Candle info:

  • 8oz Tins & 10oz Glass
  • Cotton wick
  • 35+ hour burn time
  • Unique fragrance blends that make scents
  • Hand poured in small batches in your moms basement

More info:

  • Wicks
    • Natural flat cotton threads interwoven with paper threads
  • Scents
    • Contain essential, natural and synthetic oils
  • Wax
    • ParaSoy Blend

Side info:

For minimal soot make sure to trim the wick 1/4” between every single burn. Keep lit for 3-4 hours at a time. Check under the candle for more info 

Bonus Info:

Developed by gamers who want to level up your gaming experience

Made with legendary scents, epic wax and magic tins

Made in the USA by Canadians 

*Due to the unique nature of our candles, the design in the wax will vary. 

*Due to high demand, shipping may be delayed


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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Will buy again

I enjoy the Hex totem scent the most and the candle burn perfectly. Would buy again and probably will in a few months


Official Dead by Daylight Bundle

I would buy again

They smell very great! It’s how I pictured the killers to smell like! I do recommend!

I absolutely love the candles, but….

I am a huge fan of Dead By Daylight and I’ve been playing the game for years. I’ve never heard of Wick & Skull, but Facebook got me with an ad because they knew I would love Dead by Daylight candles. I originally ordered two Hex Totems and two Trappers. I loved the smell, but I feel like the scents are backwards. Hex Totems have a leather sent and Trapper has an incense scent. I would imagine a burning Hex Totem to have an incense style scent, and Trapper who carries bear traps in a leather satchel should have the leather scent.
Regardless of the backwards scent, I still loved the smell and it was Dead by Daylight. Shortly after I had received them, I got an email about Series 2 and I immediately ordered two of the bigger bundle. I was excited to see how Huntress and Trickster smelled like. When I received the package, I immediately smelled Trickster and it was right on point for what a K-Pop star would smell like. It smelled like sweet, fruity candy. Huntress however, I was disappointed with. She is very weak, and I can kinda get a hint of the orange but that’s only because I had to look up what her scent was supposed to be. I wish Huntress was stronger, and had a pine or woodsy smell. Huntress was the only candle that I wish was better. I am very happy with my purchases, and if Wick & Skull came out with Series 3 and continued the killer line up or started introducing survivor candles, I would buy them in a heartbeat.