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Vampire Mommy

Cypress - Plum - Incense
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Smells like being stepped on but with really nice shoes

Scents: Cypress, Plum, Incense

    Candle info:

    • 8 oz Tin
    • Cotton wick
    • 35+ hour burn time
    • Unique fragrance blends that make scents
    • Hand poured in small batches in your moms basement

    More info:

    • Wicks
      • Natural flat cotton threads interwoven with paper threads
    • Scents
      • Contain essential, natural and synthetic oils
    • Wax
      • ParaSoy Blend

    Side info:

    For minimal soot make sure to trim the wick 1/4” between every single burn. Keep lit for 3-4 hours at a time. Check under the candle for more info 

    Bonus Info:

    Developed by gamers who want to level up your gaming experience

    Made with legendary scents, epic wax and magic tins

    Made in the USA by Canadians 

    *Due to the unique nature of our candles, the design in the wax will vary. 

    *Lady D figure from promotional video not included 

    *Due to high demand and covid restrictions, shipping may be delayed

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 42 reviews
    Great Candle

    Bought this candle as a gift for my husband because we joke about Vamp Mommy a lot and new it would make a great gift we would laugh about but also enjoy. The smell is great! My husband and I usually have different tastes in candles but we both love this candles sent! Came in great condition through the mail and a lot faster than I expected during the holidays! I will definitely recommend and shop here again!

    Whoa, this is good stuff!

    I just received my order and wow, it smells amazing! I'm about to ignite and relax with a very pleasant aroma in my apartment.

    Huge thanks to the team that made this! :)

    Keep up the amazing work!

    Excellent Candle for your step on me needs

    This was one of the first candles I brought from here, and it's absolutely fantastic. You get an earthy smell with this berry like undertone, it's really strong when you smell it before lighting, It reminds me of being in a cabin (or maybe a castle) deep in the woods somewhere, With the earthiness, I feel like there's also a scent of a perfume my NJ grandmother would have worn back in the 70s-80s, which isn't a bad thing! It's nostalgic, and the scents all pair with each other wonderfully without overpowering each other.

    The candle itself lights wonderfully, I have all my first burns last at least four hours. It's a good wick that doesn't burn down super quick, and as long as you maintain it they do last long. The scent on this when lit is blended well together, it's not overpowering and it lingers for a while even after blowing out the candle. While the smell is strong, I do wish it was a tad stronger, but I'm a minority because I like candles and scents with a punch (like Brimstone). Definitely will continue to buy this one.

    Great smelling candle

    The candle makes my whole home smell great even after I put out the candle the sent doesn't dissipate right away instead it stays around for a couple of hours.


    I want vampire mommy to step on me. Thank you