Return Policy

Fulfillment Policy
The following are our fulfillment policies:
Delivery Policy: upon purchase, your order shall be submitted for fulfillment and an email confirmation will be sent regarding your order. Fulfillment may take up to six business days. Upon successful processing of fulfillment, your order shall be delivered to the proper carrier. Due to the increased demand of e-commerce, we cannot guarantee any carrier delivery times. Should a delivery take longer than twenty-one days after submission to the carrier, you should contact the carrier and file a lost or stolen goods claim. The Company will assist in providing relevant shipping and pricing information.
Return Policy: Refunds shall be available for incorrect or defective goods only.
Cancellation Policy: Upon subscribing to the subscription pass, you can cancel at any time prior to fulfillment process. To cancel your subscription, you should reach out to customer service. You may cancel any traditional order at any time before the order has been fulfilled.
Refund Policy: Refunds shall be given for defective or incorrect goods only. Should you have concerns with your order please contact