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Mage - Waifu Candle

Lilac - Amyris - Lily of the Valley
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    Smells like every spell is a journey

    Scents: Lilac, Amyris, Lily of the Valley

     Candle info:

    • 8oz Glass 
    • Cotton wick
    • 40+ hour burn time
    • Unique fragrance blends that make scents
    • Hand poured in small batches in your moms basement

    More info:

    • Wicks
      • Natural flat cotton threads interwoven with paper threads
    • Scents
      • Contain essential, natural and synthetic oils
    • Wax
      • ParaSoy Blend

    Side info:

    For minimal soot make sure to trim the wick 1/4” between every single burn. Keep lit for 3-4 hours at a time. Check under the candle for more info 

    Bonus Info:

    Developed by gamers who want to level up your gaming experience

    Made with legendary scents, epic wax and magic tins

    Made in the USA by Canadians 

    *Due to high demand, shipping may be delayed

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Excellent product, had to buy another

    Being a stinky, sweaty boilermaker, my room always has this bad BO and metal smell that I had just got used to, but everyone else slightly recoiled when they walked in. It was the image on the candle that drew me to it, but it’s the pleasant faces on visitors when they walk into my room now that got me to buy it again.

    One down side, the glass is fragile (surprise surprise). When the candle had finished, I tried (and succeeded) to clean out the dregs of wax and soot that were left to turn it into a cup, but I ended up pushing a bit too much and snapped a piece off.

    Lovely Lily Candle

    Big fan of this one. I like watching the flame through the cut-out parts on the art as it slowly burns down. Very lovely scent too! It's surprisingly hard to find lily scented candles and this is the best one I've found!

    Cute n floral scent

    The candle lasts very long and the scent easily fills a room. The scent is very floral like standing in a meadow of lilacs

    Quinn C.
    Love it!

    Great design and smells very good. I like that the aroma of this candle is a bit on the softer side and not overwhelmingly strong - I can burn this in my room and I don't feel like the scent is at all overpowering. Also because this candle is narrower it doesn't take as long for the surface of the wax on top to completely melt. This is nice because you can burn it for a shorter amount of time and it will still burn evenly. Would definitely purchase again!

    Smells great and looks awesome

    I love the scents and the decal on the glass looks great.