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Cinnamon - Pumpkin - Pie Crust
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Smells like pumpkin ,sugar, and spice

Scents: Cinnamon, Pumpkin, Pie Crust



Candle info:

  • 8oz Tin
  • Cotton wick
  • 35+ hour burn time
  • Unique fragrance blends that make scents
  • Hand poured in small batches in your moms basement

More info:

  • Wicks
    • Natural flat cotton threads interwoven with paper threads
  • Scents
    • Contain essential, natural and synthetic oils
  • Wax
    • ParaSoy Blend

Side info:

For minimal soot make sure to trim the wick 1/4” between every single burn. Keep lit for 3-4 hours at a time. Check under the candle for more info 

Bonus Info:

Developed by gamers who want to level up your gaming experience

Made with legendary scents, epic wax and magic tins

Made in the USA by Canadians 

*Due to the unique nature of our candles, the design in the wax will vary. 

*Due to high demand, shipping may be delayed

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Smells amazing!

This candle smells absolutely amazing, if you love pumpkins and the whole fall vibe, this candle is for you, it warms the heart and the room that you put this candle in, already have used it a whole bunch and might just have to buy another one, definitely recommend :).



I want to eat the candle

I feel like "tasty cookie" smells aren't really that hard, but this one still hits fantastically, and man I really want to eat this candle. It has really none of the "waxy" smell that a lot of cookie and sweet scents suffer from.

Punkins be punkin'!

The ONE_shot_GURL candle is just what you need to set the mood to snipe some punkins in your favorite battle royale or to pull that "Evolving Skies: Umbreon VMAX (Alternate Secret Art)" rare Pokemon card and proceed to scream in joy for all to hear. It may not be pumpkin season, but it's always punkin season! On top of that, Julie is one of my favorite people. Her candle smells sweet and fresh; definitely a headshot!

Delightfully tickles the senses!

Strong enough to let others know there’s a batch of pumpkin pies being made, so let your friends or family down right away and let them know that it’s just a delightful candle. As it fills the area with warm and inviting smells, they’ll soon forgive you for not having pie as they become filled with relaxation and warmth. (Might be best to have one on hand, or at least some cookies…)